No Longer, Not Yet


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STYLIST: Qiaoyu Song


MODEL: Samuel Serafin Bietenhader at Urban

I love teaching because, at best, it’s a way to share what I know and help young people find their own voice. Sometimes to get the results I want I have to push through my own personal vision, sometimes I’m rewarded with projects that have such a personal identity and consistency that they go beyond what i was originally hoping for. I think styling is a bit like directing, you have to create characters and stories that are somehow believable, if you manage to do that then they almost live their on lives.. I totally understand Simon Foxton’s point of view when he said he created a character, dressed him and then abandoned him, sending him on set, if the looks you create make sense they almost breathe on their own. Which is what I love about this student project, it has such a personal and consistent voice it makes me love even the bits I normally wouldn’t approve of. it makes me believe, and smile, and those things aren’t easy to come by.



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