A New, Mobile, Cheap, Post Production Era? ( or : Another Jeremy Scott Remix)

Flamboyant Exclusive

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“Photography was always introduced as a people’s medium, but actually it wasn’t at the start. When I first picked up a camera, it was quite unusual for a household to have more than one camera. Now everyone has one. Essentially, an iPhone camera is as good as the Hasselblad I used to use. There’s a weird judgement that comes involved with imagery in that people think every image needs to be ‘high resolution’. One doesn’t apply that restriction to a painting. That criteria isn’t used for anything except for photography. But I don’t say I create photographs anymore, I prefer to say imagery. If the image works, then who cares how many pixels it has?” Nick Knight

So the secret is out, as you imagine we’ve known for a while, but it’s now official, you don’t really need a camera once you have an iPhone, not only that, but, as Knight’s recent campaign images for Diesel’s #DIESELTRIBUTE campaign prove, you can also do a lot of quirky and cool post production on your phone. With apps like Glitchè, which is what I used to further remix my images of Conor you see here, or Mega Photo, which gives you 100s of live, cheap, weird, sometimes tacky effects for photos and videos. A lot of it is a clever rehashing of trashy 80s video special effects, but , as with anything involving taste, creativity and art, you can tweak some very interesting images, as Knight says ‘ one man’s tacky is another man’s art’. As you might or might not recall, we already explored the realm of reflex-chic VS iPhone-tacky in the original Jeremy Scott Special these images come from, the idea being that sometimes it’s fun to take a perfectly good picture made with a high-end camera and make it look like it was taken with an iPhone or random mobile camera. The lines between ‘serious’ photography and what everybody does every day with their mobile phone every single day are blurring ever faster and these apps further advance the process. Plus even if you’re not really in the ‘creating imagery’ business, they are fun and addictive, and they sure beat going crazy on Angry Birds for hours!



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