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styling and text Riccardo Slavik
Model Nicolas Hagius @ Why Not
All clothes by Frankie Morello FW13, boots vintage Frankie Morello from stylist’s archive

Those familiar with italian fashion will know Frankie Morello for their fun, sexy, quirky clothes, but their FW 13 collection surprised quite a few with a move towards a more restrained, constructed and architectural approach to fashion. We asked Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti about the collection and their plans:

F: Your FW collection has been inspired by architecture, in shapes, prints, volumes, which has also translated into a research into a more essential and elegant design, is this an evolution for the brand?

FM: Yes, our collections have finally reached a certain amount of maturity and we can better balance the commercial and creative aspects . Moreover this moment in time brings us to a certain refined essentiality, a new vision is necessary in order to be competitive as far as style and pricing goes.

F: So can we expect a new minimal Frankie Morello?

FM: Absolutely not, the brand is still very close to its own DNA, it’s a sexy, ironic, innovative brand. We just tried to explore those concepts in a more essential way.

F: The ‘refraction’ theme is very present in both your menswear and womenswear for FW13, with broken mirrors and refracted faces on prints, how do the collections relate to one another?

FM: We always try to have the collections communicate with each other, starting from common inspirations. We basically reach out to the same type of client, so we always try and figure out what kind of girl would go out with the ‘Frankie’ man.

F: Since your theme is architecture, what is your favorite building?

FM: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

F: Who would you ask to build your dream house?

FM: It would have to be Fabio Novembre, a friend we very much admire for his genius and folly.

F: What do you see or would like to see in the future of Frankie Morello?

FM: We would love for the brand to reach out to emerging markets, we’d love to open new licenses, work with a lot of new talents, we have a lot of work ahead of us.



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