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_MG_8127 _MG_8166 _MG_8202_1 _MG_8225 _MG_8282 _MG_8285 _MG_8342 _MG_8183PHOTOS LORENZO MARCUCCI



all clothes ANGELOS FRENTZOS SS13  except boots which are stylist’s own

( some of the photos were originally published in Fiasco’s POP Issue)

ELECTRIC YOUTH, Angelos Frentzos’ SS13 menswear collection, celebrates a‘ Neon Manifesto’, through prints, color and busy decorations executed on clean lines, simple shapes and easy but refined materials. Even though the initial impression might be one of electric pop lightness, there is, as often in Angelos’ work, a dark heart pulsating under the neon and op-art prints. ‘ The bursts of color and prints aren’t really what my man and woman are about, but more of a way to give them some partywear’ . His approach to fashion is always about a certain lifestyle and personal realtionship to clothes than one of fleeting seasonal trend; the parka, the sweatshirt, the drop-crotch pants, a certain fluidity and tough romantic approach are staples of every collection, no matter the theme or inspiration. He lives in a highly musical world, often dressing performers besides having a deep passion, curiosity and culture about music.

A neon light spelling the lyrics to The Smiths’ There Is A Light That Never Goes Out ironically decorates a print in the SS13 collection but he says that while designing it he was listening to ‘ M.I.A., Ariel Pink and Santigold in order to capture the mood without being ethnic’. On another musical note, he’d love to dress John Maus ( Maniac was his favorite song when we talked), Ariel Pink and Sky Ferreira.


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