HEDI’S BOYS ( some photos and a footnote)


hedisbirthday-1002422-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1002434-priv copyhedisbirthday-1001557-priv copy-1 hedisbirthday-1002516-priv copy hedisbirthday-1001587-priv copy hedisbirthday-1002084-priv copy hedisbirthday-1001786-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1001505-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1001966-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1001376-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1001487-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1001557-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1002256-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1002203-priv copy


hedisbirthday-1002106-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1002459-priv copy

hedisbirthday-1001416-priv copy


These photos from the HEDI SLIMANE DIARY were apparently shot by the controversial Saint Laurent designer at his own birthday party, which looks like a fantastic riot of pure rock fun, full of the strangely beautiful boys he always scouted around the world and the raw energy of the classsic sleazy dives of yesteryear. What I find fascinating, besides the obvious Warholesque voyeuristic undertones, is how a world famous, obviously very well-off fashion designer, might have chosen to celebrate his 45th birthday. No venetian masked ball or gay orgy in Mykonos, no New York VIP champagne fète, but a raucous punk rock teen party in what looks like a smelly parisian dive. And I think this is what a part of the fashion world will never understand ( being too busy dolling themselves up for another cheap masked ball) about his menswear ( or his controversial womenswear ‘grunge’ collection). Much as it might be quite a contradiction in terms, what Hedi designs is a subtly refined wardrobe for young rock gods and goddesses, clothes not made for red carpets but for concerts and sweaty nights, given the price tags they might admittedly be sweaty nights on private planes, but nevertheless he designs for boys and girls who, whether they can afford his clothes or not, are actually out there in the world, leading a rock’n’roll crusade against their elders, getting wasted and vomiting in the streets, having the time of their lives. And truth be told, very few designers nowadays do this in any way, they’re all too busy selling a cheap dream and living it. It might be time for them to wake up.



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