A Very Special Bow-Tie


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Sometimes having some sort of online clout can turn out to be fun, not that I’m one of those famed ‘fashion bloggers’ or anything of the kind, i just happen to be very vocal with my opinions on a number of social networks. Some people seem to appreciate that, which fills me with no end of surprise. Some time ago I was contacted on Twitter by the guys at Rory Hutton because they wanted me to take a look at their bow ties, thus discovering a very witty and chic label. These days it seems bow-ties are the gay ties, they’ve enjoyed quite a comeback, but few can still work them in their daywear, it is after all not the easiest accessory to pull off. But the guys at Rory Hutton have mixed quality and tradition with a very keen eye for color and a tongue quite firmly planted in their collective cheeks. Their ties range from the elegantly quirky to the pop-art chic and seem to work in just about every situation. I was lucky enough to be sent an electric blue one with glod studs and loved it, wore it with anything from plaid to marble print, because, well, let’s face it ‘less is more ‘ is hardly my style… The range has just been picked up by the Fortnum and Mason department store and will be shortly be available there… in the meantime you can visit





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