The Night Boys



Watch the moving bodies
As they react to the sound
Feasting on the visions
See the figures going round

Graceful and flowing the fashion shows
Sensual and glowing the passion grows
Pick your playmate still so cool
The crash of the anvil and the nightclub school

Take it as it comes up
Leave it when it’s done
Put a number in your matchbook
And call when you want fun

Living the nightlife to the end
Giving the right life like a friend
One more rover still so cool
The crash of the anvil and the nightclub school

( Visage/ The Anvil)

Let’s just pretend I’m an actual photographer and not just a guy with a camera, and let’s pretend further , and here we move to science-fiction territory, that you give even a passing, flying, fuck about what i have to say about my work, in that abstract, farfetched case, you’d like to know what caused me to spend time on putting together a book of photos of boys standing, dancing, drinking, being sober or totally off their faces, in clubs. Well I’ve spent a lot of my life in clubs, either working or just having fun, but there came a moment a few years back when i had more fun taking photos of people enjoing the night than I had when actually trying to enjoy it myself, since my first pics were based on lights, colors and atmosphere, I decided at one point to reduce everything to a stark black and white, trying to get a ”portrait” feel from mostly very casual shots taken in the dark, among dancing bodies, drunk people, strobe lights, and well, with the added twist of not being particularly sober myself either. I don’t know what kind of artistic merit this ”book” might have, but I hope it at least brings back memories for people who actually were there, and trasmits the sense of fun, detachment, abandonment that the night, the music, and well, yes, drinks and whatever have you can make you feel.

I dedicated this to my firends who work, and inhabit Plastic, because it’s been my home away from home for a very long time, it’s the reason why these photos exist, and it’s where most of them were taken, also, since the club moved recently, it’s also a kind of sweet adieu to a physical space that meant a lot to a number of people, myself included.

The Night Boys (ebook) ( iPad iBooks Edition) 90 pages

Tales of Beauty and Debauchery from Clubland

it’s also available as a big printed square book, but that, dahlings, doesn’t come cheap..



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