Anna Was A Graphic Person


Anna Piaggi, Milano & Paris Sept/Oct 2010  Ph/ Riccardo Slavik

^ Anna is a graphic person… She is not pretty, she’s worse… No one knows like Anna how to endow a garment with its own visual language. She knows nothing of banality. She never does what one expects and yet it is always convincing. An unexpected detail, a tautology of style, a contradictory accessory, a surprising mixture, unforeseen associations of ideas and an indespensable touch of humour create a unique appearence …Dressing is her means of communication. .. Her vision is not necessarily that of a creator of clothing. She has no deference. She puts her mark on the creations of other people. She treats individual elements like pieces od a puzzle in order to construct an image which is unpredictable and which is hers alone. There is no imitating Anna. Those who have tried became caricatures or ” fashion victims” ^ Karl Lagerfeld , Lagerfeld’s Sketchbook preface ( 1986)


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